Our work with the whole care ecosystem allows us to create the most innovative health programs.

We know that staying on track with the medication schedule can be difficult.

That’s why we’re here to support your caregiving journey.

Together, we can protect what’s most precious:

your family.

Sticking to medication prescription saves lives. It’s hard to remember and stay on schedule, but family support and intervention makes the biggest difference in the health of our loved ones.
Because the only thing more tragic than becoming sick is getting worse because of missing a dose of meds. With smart use of technology, our families can live healthier, avoid financial stress and – most of all – get the peace of mind we all deserve.

The scale of a global health crisis is massive:

1 in 3

adults suffer from multiple chronic conditions.


of prescriptions are not adhered to.


of seniors have at least 1 chronic disease (diabetes or hypertension).


of patients either forget to take their pills or can’t keep up with a complex medicine schedule.

Each year, in the US alone, medication noncompliance causes:




more chance of re-hospitalisation

80% to 300%

additional medical costs per patient yearly


cost to the healthcare system

Experience effortless care

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CareAide is FREE for all*

  • Get pill reminders and refill alerts
  • Add a caregiver, a dependent and unlimited CareFriends
  • Keep track of appointments and health stats
  • Maintain CareBadge to get discount coupons
  • Refer friends to earn CareCoins – as good as cash

*upgrade to premium for added benefits

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Introducing CareAide

CaringUp makes me feel like my family is there for me, like CaringUp is there for me. Sometimes we need someone to simply be there… Not to fix anything or do anything but just let us feel we are supported and cared about.

Still, everyone needs modern, well-balanced healthcare system. At CaringUp, we bridge the gap between patients, families and care providers to elevate the collective wellbeing of patients while saving the healthcare ecosystem billions of dollars. Our high-tech, high-touch services are designed to inspire change in health habits.
Together, we can reshape the way we care for seniors and chronically ill all over the world.

For Governments

Actionable insights for policy and programs
Lower healthcare costs and medicine wastage
Improved health outcomes for patients
Better wellbeing for the families

For Payers & Healthcare System

Effective long-term healthcare management
Cost control of healthcare spending
Elevated member experience & wellness benefits
New products tailored to personal needs
Care Concierge for better adherence and safety

For Pharmaceuticals

Industry growth through better adherence
Improved customer loyalty
Minimised medicine switch
Better health outcomes

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honours

– Tia Walker, Author

Gopal Bajaj. MD.

Gopal Bajaj. MD.

Exec. MBA, University of Oxford
Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer

At CaringUp, we’re on a mission to improve care for seniors and chronically-ill through our intuitive and intelligent technology platforms and social programs. If you have the honour of caring for your seniors and ill loved ones, you are among the best of us; we are here to make caregiving easier for you and contribute to your peace of mind. 

HIPAA Compliant Systems

  • Your data is encrypted, end to end.
  • Your personal data is not shared with anyone.
  • Prolonged inactivity triggers permanent deletion of all user data.

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