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no adherence rate.


higher healthcare cost
due to non-adherence.

higher chances
of hospitalisation.

A third of the adult population
has multiple chronic conditions.

A significant portion of the national healthcare budget is spent on patients having chronic conditions.

Medication adherence amongst these patients is less than 50%. The non-adherence increases healthcare costs by up to 300% and causes hundreds of thousands of deaths. The annual productivity loss is in the billions of dollars.

With our smart platform and tailored programmes, we can help you  save lives, lower the cost of healthcare, and make data-driven decisions.

Lower the national healthcare costs.

Studies indicate that $1 spent on adherence can save between $4 to $7 in overall healthcare spend.

With better medication adherence, data-driven insights, topical awareness and education, we can help you to improve quality of life, save lives and reduce the billions of dollars spent on healthcare spending.

Lower medicine

With adherence rates of less than 50%, a significant amount of medicines dispensed through the public system goes to waste. With better adherence and data-driven insights, we can help you to decrease the wastage.

Augment policy development with ‘near real-time’ data.

Collecting data through surveys and from multiple organizations takes time and effort and is expensive. Our smart platform  and management app can provide ‘near real-time’ data on chronic conditions, patient demographics and medicine consumption.

Taking advantage of the data from our platform, you can accelerate your decision-making processes and deliver value to your citizens quickly and cost-effectively.

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