Medicine Management

Effortlessly create medication reminders within seconds.

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Note: Ensure that CareAide’s notifications are turned on on your phone.

  • Go to the Meds Cabinet.

    To add your medicines, go to the Meds Cabinet or click the plus icon in the footer and select "Meds."

  • Add your medicine.

    Add the medicine name and condition related to the medication.

  • Schedule your intake.

    Select from the schedule options. Note: As-needed medications won’t trigger reminders.

  • Fixed dosage cycles.

    Input specific details for medications with fixed dosages.

  • Check dosage details.

    Review the dosage details you've entered, including start and end dates, dosage frequency, time of consumption, and toggle the "Ongoing Treatment" option if necessary.

  • Add optional information.

    Include optional details as needed.

  • Check the details and save your medication.

    Keep an eye out for your notification reminders.

  • Reminder: Keep yourself logged in and update your medication details regularly to receive uninterrupted notifications.

  • Click the notification.

    Select the notification to view further details or take action.

  • Click Take Now.

    Click "Take Now" to confirm medication intake.

  • Click snooze and select snooze time.

    If you wish to take your medicine later, you can snooze your notification.

  • Select other time.

    For medicines that were taken in the past before the notification.

  • Modify notification time.

    Reschedule, skip, or delete the medicine as needed.

  • Bulk action.

    Click the check marks on each notification and select your desired action.

  • Start earning CarePoints.

    Collect CarePoints to redeem rewards.

  • Reminder: “As Needed” medications don’t have regular alerts. Make sure you update your medicine schedule manually.

  • Go to Meds Cabinet.

    Access your Meds Cabinet for easy medication management.

  • Select the Medicine to edit.

    Choose the specific medication you wish to edit from the list.

  • Check the current information.

    Review the current information for the selected medication.

  • Select which information to edit.

    For medicines that were taken in the past before the notification.

  • Edit the information and save.

    Make changes to the information as needed, then save your edits.

  • Delete Medicine.

    If you wish to delete your medicine, click the trash bin and continue modifying your medicine cabinet

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