Discover how to add and manage your dependents for seamless remote health management for your family.

  • Complete your profile.

    Ensure all necessary personal details are filled out accurately and completely.

  • Go to Dependents.

    Navigate to the "Dependents" section in your account settings.

  • Add Dependents.

    Select the option to add a dependent and provide their relevant information, such as name, date of birth, and gender.

  • Check the account security details of your dependents.

    Verify and update their email addresses and mobile numbers to ensure seamless dependent management.

  • REMINDER: Dependents don't need a separate CareAide account or app. You'll receive their medicine adherence notifications and rewards on their behalf.

  • Adding medicines for your Dependent.

    To add medications for your dependents, navigate to the "Medicines" section where you can provide details for their medication regimen by selecting "Add Medicine."

  • Checking notification settings for your Dependent.

    Ensure that notification settings are enabled for your dependent's profile. Click the "Dependents" button on your CareAide Dashboard.

  • Managing your Dependent’s measurements.

    Access the "Measurements" tab within your dependent's profile to input and track relevant health measurements as needed.

  • Adding entries to your Dependent’s Health Diary.

    Add entries to your Dependent's Health Diary to keep track of their health-related notes and observations.

  • Scheduling medical appointments for your Dependent.

    Visit the "Appointments" section to schedule medical appointments on behalf of your dependent and keep track of upcoming consultations.

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