Corporate Membership

Tailored for organisations committed to employee well-being.

  • Get your CareAide Corporate Membership code.

    Get the code from your company, healthcare provider, or insurance to access corporate membership benefits.

  • Access the Corporate Membership dashboard.

    Navigate to the corporate membership section within your account settings or designated area on the CareAide platform.

  • Input your voucher code.

    Enter the corporate membership code or voucher provided by your company or healthcare provider to activate the benefits.

  • Review the data consent form of the Corporate Account.

    Review and approve Corporate Membership's Data Policy.

  • Enjoy CareAide’s additional features.

    Once the code is successfully entered, explore and utilize the additional features and rewards available to corporate members.

  • Review Pro Shield.

    Ensure to review and understand the data privacy policies and management related to corporate membership benefits on CareAide.

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Corporate Membership

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