Who we are

As a founding team of CaringUp, we are a mix of doctors, health experts and business professionals with global experience in chronic disease, senior care, behavioural economics and technology-driven socioeconomic change.
We come from four continents, yet one thing we share is our devotion to caring for our elderly parents and chronically-ill family members. CaringUp was born out of a strong desire to address the challenges of caregivers like us. We know that providing the best care to our loved ones can be difficult. Adherence to prescribed medication is a global problem. It can shorten lives, aggravate illness and contribute to re-hospitalisations. That’s why we’re here – to help you better support your family members’ health and wellbeing.

What we do

CaringUp is a social enterprise. Our mission is to transform the care for seniors and those living with a chronic illness to offer more peace of mind to their guardians. We believe family members are the driving force behind the health of their loved ones. Our intelligent technology platforms and programs are embedded in local ecosystems and their distinct culture. They offer caregivers smart digital tools to provide effortless care, even when the patients live semi-independently or independently.

How we do it

Caregiving asks a lot of people. It demands a loving spirit and a passion for service. We empower patients to take better care of themselves and make it easier for families to intervene when needed. The best results happen when we combine behavioural change and education with the support of intuitive digital tools. Our platform together with our bespoke incentive programs for patients and their family, inspires better medication adherence and healthier lifestyle for all senior and chronically-ill patients.